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Integrated Creative and Strategic Thinker. Focused on interactive design, helping clients communicate and solve problems through creative visual solutions. Experienced with digital, touch and gesture-based murals, kiosks, iPad apps, interactive games, web design and more.

Los Angeles, California

(818) 533-8409


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My name is Julio Tobar. I am a versatile & skilled Digital Designer and Art Director with many years of experience developing and executing multidisciplinary projects across a diverse range of industries. Working with a variety of projects, and clients have refined the holistic approach I bring to my work. I develop ideal solutions that lead to ideal results by identifying a product's main goal(s), target audience in conjunction with a thorough examination of the way the product will be used, accessed & digested. Translating and applying performance metrics to visual campaigns. All of these combined allow me to create more effective design solutions and ultimately be able to deliver the best possible user experience--no matter the medium, brand or project.

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Clients: Various Studios
Projects: One sheets, DVD covers, Packaging, Logo Design.
Role: Concept and Design


Clients: Various Studios
Projects: Game covers, Packaging, Logo Design.
Role: Concept and Design


Clients: St. Johns Neuroscience, Botox Medical, Merck, Biogen,  Amgen and Edwards Life Sciences.
Projects: iPad and Surface apps, several interactive games, website design and a gesture-based kiosk.

Edwards Life sciences Game Ui

Client: Edwards Life Sciences
Project: Sepsis Detection Educational Game.
Objective: Design and implementation of an interactive game that would serve as an educational tool for professionals in the medical field. The product has been showcased and utilized at trade shows and medical facilities to bring awareness regarding SEPSIS, its treatments, symptoms, and implications.
Role: User experience and user interface design.

Botox Medical App

Client: Botox Medical
Project: Botox Chronic Migraine AppEducational app for training professionals
Objective: Design and implementation of a Chronic migraine functional anatomy virtual training app (available on app store).
Currently used by Botox Academy to educate professionals and patients about proper application and treatments.
Role: User experience and user interface design

Amgen Interactive Hematologic Malignancy Textbook

Client: Amgen.
Project: Interactive Hematologic Malignancy Textbook.
Objective: Design of an interactive tool to be used in medical schools and seminars.
Role: User experience and user interface design.